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Talented experts work with investigators to ensure scientific activity is well-supported administratively.

Executive Director,

Medica Research Institute

Kristina Bloomquist is the Executive Director of the Medica Research Institute responsible for defining the Institute’s vision and research agenda. She directs the administrative and scientific teams and serves as the point of contact for strategic research relationships. She joined Medica in 1999 and provided leadership in health management strategies. Her professional experience includes patient care and administrator roles within health care ranging from long term care, in/outpatient hospital, to managed care settings. In 2010, she was asked to establish and develop the Medica Research Institute and was later appointed as its Executive Director.

Manager Research Operations,

Medica Research Institute

Jessie Oslowski is responsible for the compliance, contracting and research operations activities at the Institute. She has extensive experience in contracting and building efficient operational processes. Jessie serves as the point of contact for the Institute’s research compliance program and the Institute’s contracting services. In her role, she will be managing project managers that will support investigators on their funded projects.

Director Research Informatics & Technology,

Medica Research Institute

Mark S. Antiel, M.S., M.S. is the Director of Research Informatics & Technology at the Medica Research Institute. He has extensive experience in biostatistics, physiology, clinical research, data management and advanced analytical modeling. The informatics team he leads is focused on developing leading edge innovative methods using analytical tools and using health claim and supplemental data for research to assess health care delivery, enhance members’ health engagement and promote healthy communities.

Grant and Contract Manager,

Medica Research Institute

Teresa Lange, MBA, MS, is responsible for managing the full lifecycle of sponsored project administration including proposal submission, contract negotiation, sub-award issuance, financial management, and post-award administration related to extramural funding in the form of grants, cooperative agreements, contracts and the Intramural Award program at the Institute. She has extensive experience in financial and budget management and post-award administration for research grants and programs. Teresa joined Medica Research Institute in February 2017.