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Medica Research Institute’s mission is to advance knowledge that informs value-based health care and accountable communities for health.


The Institute’s vision is to measurably improve health outcomes for all, especially the most vulnerable.


Scientific Excellence
We bring expertise to a rigorous scientific process that produces unequivocal outcomes and advances the field.

Research Integrity
We and our partners adhere to research practices and professional conduct according to the highest academic standards.

We recognize that transformative science is community-based and that collaboration is vital to research excellence.

We generate hypotheses that address complex and pressing challenges; our findings improve the state of health and health care in our nation.

Investigate | We are a team of experts addressing the tough questions facing health care.
Inform | We recognize that research findings must be timely and actionable.
Improve | We are committed to promoting the health of all people everywhere.

Medica Research Institute is a 501 (c) (3) organization governed by a Board of Directors, and committed to public domain research.