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MRI Investigators Present at AcademyHealth 2017 (Dissemination Spotlight)

Jul 18, 2017

MRI investigators and staff recently presented MRI research at the annual national meeting of AcademyHealth in New Orleans, LA. Continue reading for a summary of MRI AcademyHealth activities, including poster presentations, platform sessions, and panel discussions.

 MRI research was presented in two platform sessions. Postdoctoral fellow Heather Dahlen presented, "The Impact of Nurse Practitioner Scope of Practice Legislation on Health and Access to Health Care" during the Factors Influencing Health Workforce Access, Supply/distribution, and Outcomes panel. Dahlen also chaired a panel discussing the "Effect of Coverage Changes on Vulnerable Populations."

Findings from the study "Narrow Provider Networks and Willingness to Pay for Continuity of Care and Network Breadth," conducted by MRI investigator Caroline Carlin and former MRI junior research fellow Lucas Higuera were presented by Higuera during the Consumerism: New insights on How Patients Choose Providers and the Role of Price in Choice.

MRI Investigator Angie Fertig presented two posters: "Validating Self-Reported Health Insurance Coverage: A Comparison of Measurement Error between Administrative Records and Survey Data" and "A Pilot Study of the Effect of a Discount Produce Card and Educational Programming on Health Eating in Low-Income Households."

Krystina Hopkins, MRI research project manager, presented findings from Glenn Flores's "How to Eliminate Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Childhood Asthma: The Perspectives of Diverse Community Stakeholders."

MRI researchers explored New Orleans's food shelves and grocery stores to better understand food security issues in the area. Angie Fertig toured the area with research partners from the State Health Access Data Assistance Center (SHADAC) at the University of Minnesota. Read more here about Fertig's food insecurity and healthy eating research.